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How Do I Get Free Gaming Gears?
To get Free Microsoft Points, Free Xbox Live Codes, Free PSN Codes, Free Wii Points Codes, & Free Video Games, from Amazon; use Points2Shop.        

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What is Points2Shop?
Points2Shop is a GPT (Get Paid To) website where you can get Free Microsoft Points, Xbox Live, PSN Codes, Wii Points, Video Games and Other Accessories. It is free to sign up, free to use, and free to complete offers and surveys. They have a large collection of simple (~ 1-10 minute long) free offers and surveys for you to fill out. When you successfully complete an offer, the adverting company pays you in points as a result. Once you have collected enough points, you will be able to order any of the many prizes that Points2Shop offers to its users, or you can custom order anything you want from eBay, Amazon and a large host of other approved online vendors. To get started,  join Points2Shop by signing up below.
Must verify email address.  Create only one account per person.
Be sure to check your junk / spam folders for the email verification link.

What Must I Do To Get The FREE Gaming Gears?
  • STEP 1: Sign up above then confirm the email from Points2Shop.
  • STEP 2: Login and click "Earn Points".
  • STEP 3: Choose from the "Free Offers, Trials & Paid, Daily Surveys, Daily Clicks, Real Surveys, or $1 Offers." Complete them as instructed. Mark offers "As Complete"  when done to get your points.
  • STEP 4: When you have enough points, go to "Spend Points" and redeem a prize, or place a custom order if you don't see the item you want.
  • STEP 5:  Please share this guide to keep it relevant: Share  

How Is All This Possible? 
Points2Shop is sponsored by advertising companies and their promotional offers. They pay you in points for participating in their advertisement. The more offers you complete, the more points you earn, and the more rewards you get.

Points2Shop Introductory / Tutorial Video:

Is This A Scam? How Can You Prove That It's Real?
This is not a scam, I use it everyday, Points2Shop is 100% legitimate. I used it to get 2 free 1600 Microsoft Points recently. You can see the proof of the prizes by going to the "Proof" section. You can see even more proof at the Points2Shop forum, where other members show off their prizes.

Is This Legal? Will I Get In Trouble For Using This?
This is 100% legal and you WILL NOT get in trouble for using it. All the prizes that you get from Points2Shop are bought from using the points you earned from doing offers. Advertising companies pay you in points when you view their offers, and Points2Shop use your points to buy you stuff from Amazon at your request.

Need More Information? 

If you want to learn more about offers, prizes, and Points2Shopvisit the "F.A.Q." page, where you can find answers to some commonly asked questions. You should also visit the "Getting Points" page for helpful information regarding offers and tips to getting points faster.

Need Assistance? 

If you need help, visit the "Help" page, where you can find helpful guides that will assist you with doing offers and getting points faster. If you have any additional questions and or concerns, leave a comment below, and I will reply promptly. Thank You for reading, hope you found it helpful. 
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